Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Carleton University Chapter
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Why join IEEE?

IEEE is a technical professional society. IEEE distinguishes itself in that it has international chapters in all corners of the world, interconnected to a vast network of local engineering societies. This makes IEEE the largest engineering society in the world.

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS)

EMBS is a technical society of IEEE and considered the world's largest society of biomedical engineers. As a transitive property, to be a member of EMBS is to be a member of IEEE.

To be a biomedical engineer is to thrive in a fast-paced environement subject to contiunous change and while academic environments are well established at the bleeding-edge of technological innovation, the resources and support of professional societies enable one to establish themselves on a career-long pursuit of excellence. Perks of an IEEE EMBS membership include the latest news in the field and access to a plethora of opportunities, whether they be conferences, workshops, or networking events.

Not Convinced Yet? Here are the Top Reasons to Join IEEE EMBS

  • Engage with the local student chapter and interface with their intertwined network
  • Be the first to know about the various opportunities and competitions in your feild of interest
  • Interact with individuals driven towards the develoment of life-changing technologies
  • Stay informed with access to all IEEE and EMBS digital publications
  • Substantial savings when you register for any IEEE-run conference

Mission statement

IEEE's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. CU@EMBS' mission is to appreciate and cherish diversity in the field of biomedical engineering and promote education, personal development, and community success at the local and global level.