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Pints with Profs with Prof. Ed Lemaire
Title: Pints with Profs with Prof. Ed Lemaire
Date: 24 Sep 2019
Time: 18:00:00EST
Location: Mackenzie Hall (Room 4359)
Keywords: presentation, rehabilitation, medical devices, wearables

This presentation will provide an overview of research on mobility assessment and improvement through the use of accessible technologies. This includes development and evaluation of prostheses, orthoses, and powered exoskeletons; smart wheelchair development; and wearable approaches for movement and fall risk assessment.

Professor Edward Lemaire, PhD is actively involved with research on technologies that improve mobility for people with physical disabilities. He is a Professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine; Adjunct Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Human Kinetics, Health Sciences, and Systems Design Engineering; and Investigator with The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s Centre for Rehabilitation Research and Development. He is also President-Elect for the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics. Dr. Lemaire’s research has resulted in over 500 published papers and presentations that include intelligent prosthetics and orthotics, biomechanical movement analysis in 3D virtual environments, smartphone and artificial intelligence approaches to improve decision-making, and eHealth technology to enhance access to education and rehabilitation services.

NOTE: Attending this event will count towards OCIBME seminar requirements. You must fill in your name on the OCIBME attendance sheet at the event.

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